CatDad [Collector]

Jake Gallen, aka CatDad, has done an incredible job at not only recognizing value in the NFT space, but building value. From selling some of his MoonCats at Sotheby's, to creating an NFT incubator in Las Vegas, Jake shares his story and his vision for the future of NFTs.

Jake Gallen, known around Twitter as CatDad, has an entrepreneurial mindset. As a rare Las Vegas native, he is using his experience and expertise in antiques and applying that knowledge to NFTs. He recognized there was going to be historical value in the earliest Ethereum projects like MoonCats. Jake even had some of his MoonCats up for auction at Sotheby's recently. When Jake is not buying NFTs he often finds himself educating others on NFTs in the Las Vegas area. He has big plans for making Las Vegas the NFT capital within the US. Educating, incubating, and moving local government policy are just a few things his Nativ Research brand is doing with their time. Jake also runs his own podcast called The Guest List where he sits down with industry leaders and innovators in the Las Vegas area. Jake is the type of guy that sees so much untapped potential in the NFT space. Hear him share his story, his vision, and how he is attempting to make Las Vegas the place to be for NFTs.
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